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An Untold Truth

For years, we (I) hid who we (I) were.

What people see today didn't come from a position of strength but a position of desperation. In the early days, I (a man) pretended like there was a 'we' when LVH was only me and a dream for change.

My name is Afolabi Joseph and London Virgin Hair was born in my bedroom. It started with me processing orders between 2 and 4am, before a full days work and studying for a Masters.


That's me on the left in the only image I have - and want to have - of my childhood. This one happy image is juxtaposed by a childhood full of absent parents, several foster homes and threats of homelessness.

At the age of 10, whilst friends were playing with Pokemon cards, I was taking out my foster mother’s weave. I witnessed three generations of black women fund, critique and depend on the black hair industry. To them, this was not just hair it was a feeling. 

Their desire was for hair that wouldn't let them down. My desire was for a home so that my children would never sleep on the floor. 

Flash forward to the present day and LVH proudly serves predominantly Afro-Caribbean women, who are underserved by both the Hair and Beauty industry (who don’t cater for their needs) and the Black Hair and Beauty industry (who often fall short on quality and customer service). LVH bridge this gap by providing high quality hair solutions and luxury custom wigs through our online store to our worldwide fanatics.

Having had clients in 59 countries, thousands of online reviews and visitors, we guarantee great customer service, free deliveries, returns and consultations.

I have not done this alone and there are countless people to thank in this journey. A special thank you goes to Abiola Onike and Natalia Jankowska for their leadership, professionalism and friendship.

If you have taken the time to read this, you too may know what it is like to be desperate. I have left out so many details which would have made for a more interesting read - my life has truly been a movie. However, I share this now so the story that I have hidden might bless your life and the struggles you are currently facing. 

Through passion, purpose and prayer, I changed the landscape of opportunities for those who come after me. Dig deep and your passion and purpose will change yours also. 

Thank you,

Afolabi Joseph

Educator, Entrepreneur & Evangelist