Why ALL wig wearers should wear The Wig Fix

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Are they boasting? Just a little, but hear us out.

Have a look at our comparison chart below (handy, right?) Compared to other wig attachment methods in the game, The Wig Fix comes out on top as the clear winner which means all the fun of wearing wigs without any of the damage to your natural hair, pain or worry that it will fall off at any given moment! No matter what you get up to in life, you can live it without worrying that your wig will fall off or loosen all thanks to The Wig Fix.

Besides, there’s been a pattern in the wig community in which for some reason, we afford less care to our hair than we do say, our skincare for example. Most of us wouldn’t put harsh glues or treatments on our skin that could damage it so why are we putting glues directly on our hairline? Likewise, we wouldn’t put our skin through intentional discomfort so why do we do that to our hair?

There’s a clear disconnect when it comes to the way we treat our hair versus the rest of our body and we’re here to help you give your hair the same care and love as the rest of you!

Still not sure on The Wig Fix? We’ll let this short video do all the talking.

Purchase today with the code LVH10 to save 10% on your Wig Fix.

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7 Rules to Keep your Coloured Hair looking Vibrant

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The Hair Stylists at LVH have put their heads together again. This time we want share their best tips for maintaining vivid and strong coloured hair.
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The PERFECT Nighttime Routine For Your Wig

Posted by Abiola Onike on

The stylists at London Virgin Hair spent ages arguing amongst each other, combining their years of experience so they could provide you with the ULTIMATE Night Time Checklist to keep your wig looking pristine for as long as possible whilst also making sure your natural hair stays healthy.

In this post we cover a night time routine for a lace front wig that has been glued down or a closure wig that you take off at the end of the night.

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How to Keep Your Wig Looking BRAND NEW

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Just because it's on a wig doesn't mean that we treat virgin hair any differently than if it was growing out of our heads. Our stylists have put their head's together to create three Golden Rules for keeping your virgin hair looking and feeling brand new. They have also shared the products that they swear by in maintaining their wigs.
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5 Rules for Healthy Hair this Summer

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It’s Official! July was confirmed the warmest month ever recorded - for the whole world, not just the UK.  But as much as we love the hot weather, it can be a nightmare for our Hair. Dryness, more split ends and sweating out your hair products are all things that we need to deal with.

Here are our stylist tips on how to protect hair from the heat, sun, and humidity without turning it into an endless battle.

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