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The PERFECT Nighttime Routine For Your Wig

Posted by Abiola Onike on

Ok let’s cut the chase, the stylists at London Virgin Hair spent ages arguing amongst each other, combining their years of experience so they could provide you with the ULTIMATE Night Time Checklist to keep your wig looking pristine for as long as possible whilst also making sure your natural hair stays healthy.

In this post we cover a night time routine for a lace front wig that has been glued down or a closure wig that you take off at the end of the night.

The three rules for this routine are:

  • Its Quick - Our clients are busy and they can't be dealing with a 2 hour bedtime routine after a long day 
  • It's cheap - Not everyone can afford on a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Our stylists weren't allowed to create a routine that uses any expensive equipment
  • Its Simple - No complicated techniques, our clients won't have a stylist sleeping next door so our recommendations must be easy,

OK lets get into it.

1. Secure Your Wig

If you have a closure wig or a lace front wig that isn't glued down, you can just simply take it off and place it on a mannequin. We recommend a mannequin that allows the hair to fall naturally.

If you have a lace frontal wig that is glued down you need to tie down the lace. This will help to secure the lace and keep it neat while you sleep. We recommend:

  • Taking a large silk scarf and fold it into a bandana.
  • Gently place the bandana over the lace, ensuring it is laid flat
  • Wrap the around your head tying it off over the lace (make sure the knot isn't too tight so it doesn't cause discomfort while you sleep.

2. Brush Your Wig

Whether it is on your head or on your mannequin, this step is a really important step. Brushing your hair at the end of the day is best chance to inspect your Wig and see what it needs, is it dry? is it shedding too much? does it need a wash?

Brush your wig in sections, starting at the ends and working your way up. Also, make sure you are using an appropriate brush. A poor quality brush can lead to excess shedding and breakage.

3. Apply Serum to your Wig

A good quality serum provides a thin layer of protection for your wig, it also helps to lock in moisture which keeps your hair healthy. Just rub a few drops of serum into your hands and distribute evenly across the entire wig. Focus on the ends of your hair to reduce breakage. 

If your wig needs a wash, do this first, make sure the hair is dry before applying serum.

Should you apply serum to your natural hair? It depends, your scalp produces natural oils which keeps your hair healthy but excess oil can clog your pores and weaken your hair. Get to know your hair and what it needs. Your natural hair care routine needs to be tailored to what your hair needs. Just like with your wig, give special focus to the ends of your hair to reduce breakage

4. Wrap Up Your Hair

Covering your hair while you sleep help to reduce friction which can lead to breakage. We recommend wearing a bonnet or satin cap as its quick and easy, style your lace wig into a loose bun before placing the bonnet over the top. If your wig is on a mannequin, just braid your hair into 2-4 quick plaits before placing the bonnet over the top.

If you don't like the french chef look, you can buy a satin/silk pillow case

5. Cleanse and Moisturise your skin

We recommend starting off your skin care routine after your hair is covered. Some skin care products have a negative effect on your hair. If you've taken your wig off, your cleanser can strip away the natural oils on your scalp if you're not careful. If you still have your lace wig on, you want to avoid getting products on the lace


If you have any questions about how improve your nighttime routine, you can book a consultation with one of our stylists for free and they can offer you tailored suggestions for keeping your hair beautiful.

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