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Wigs 101: Difference between Closures and Frontals

Posted by Natalia Jankowska on

We hope you are well and enjoying the freedom of post lockdown 2.0! We are so glad that during the latest lockdown period, so many of you continued to show interest in our products.

We received countless enquiries and purchases... I mean, who said a lockdown   stops you from rocking your favourite hair?!

We are grateful. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate each and every single one of you.  

Although many of our customers are aware of the different products we have on offer, we want to take the liberty of dedicating this post to clearly explain our diverse hair range. This will be particularly useful for those who are first time wig or hair extension browsers on our site and who have little knowledge of wigs and hair in general. So sit back and enjoy this informative read, which we hope will help you in choosing the right products for you.

You can find two types of products we offer: bundles (hair extensions) and wigs.

Hair extensions can be used for weaves or to make a wig yourself, or by your hairstylist. Wigs are made by us from scratch, using our finest bundles. This saves you a lot of trouble as they are ready to wear! 

Here's where it becomes difficult.. you see the names "Closures" and "Frontals". What is this? What does it mean? How to choose the right one for you? What are the benefits of each? Let us help you!

Closures and frontals:

Closures and frontals form the foundation of each look. They blend effortlessly with our hair extensions finishing off your style with a virtually undetectable weave or a wig. The hair on the closures and frontals are attached individually to the lace base and allow for versatile parting. The purpose of lace is to have it appear as your natural scalp.

Having a product that offers natural features is a must for many of our clients, and understandably so. That is why we only bring to you real, virgin, quality hair. 

What makes closures and frontals even more ideal for pulling off the “natural look,” is wig partings. They allow you to form hair partings, adding to the natural illusion, as it shows an evident line and the lace underneath which gives the illusion of a scalp. Adding baby hairs around the front corners and edges has become a popular trend among wearers, largely due to the natural look it also brings. We specially craft baby hairs on all of our frontals and closures.

Underneath closures and frontals, you can braid your hair which works as a protective style as you flaunt your wig. Your natural hair will be completely covered, with the lace on top of the hair appearing as your scalp. 

Benefits of frontals:

One of the key reasons why frontals are so popular, is the number of different ways you can part your wig! Middle, side, to the left, to the right, you decide. Due to the lace appearing as your natural scalp that runs through the entirety of the hairline, the parting will look natural with whatever parting you choose to wear. You are also able to create half ponytails and ponytail styles, which we personally love! All of our frontals can be dyed and flat ironed. The versatility of frontals and the assurance that your wig looks as natural as can be, leaves many of our customers happy purchasers of our frontal collection.

They restyled. All frontals have specially crafted baby hairs.  are also perfect for women wishing to protect their edges and those with thinning hair lines. Our frontals are durable and can be dyed, flat ironed and restyled. All frontals have specially crafted baby hairs.

Our frontals come in size 13x4, meaning that the lace goes from ear to ear, giving you the room to part your hair wherever you want! Frontal installation is easy, but might need to be glued down.

We offer two types of frontals: Luxury Lace Frontal and Swiss HD frontal. 


Luxury Lace Frontal comes in two lace colours: nude/light brown and transparent. Transparent Luxury Lace Frontal is recommended for ladies with a lighter skin tone. This type of frontal is a stronger and more durable lace in comparison to Swiss lace. However, our Swiss lace frontals guarantee the ultimate natural look, providing a virtually undetectable weave. Swiss is perfect for any skin tone, due to thinness of the lace. 

Benefits of closures: 

Closures work best for those who want to wear the same style on a daily basis. This saves time on styling and planning hairstyles. We only mention this because closures have less material, which results in there being less parting space, unlike that of frontals, which gives an immeasurable amount of flexibility in pursuing different styles. Closures will give you the option of wearing a few different styles, but if changing up your style frequently is what you’d like to do, we highly recommend our frontals. With closures you do not need any glue to secure your wig, simply put it on and you’re ready to go!

Creating a side parting on each side of your head as well as a middle parting, is most definitely achievable with closures. Having bangs is also possible, it’s just more limiting with styles such as ponytails.

Our range offers two types of closures: Luxury Lace Closure and Luxury Silk Closure 


Luxury Closures come in three variants: Free Part and Middle - both come in the size 4x4 and Three Part which are the only closures we offer in size 5x5! Perfect for those who want something bigger than our 4x4 closures, but can’t commit to Frontals yet. As seen on the picture, it comes with three defined partings for your convenience.



All three come with a light brown lace, but you can also find our Free Part 4x4 in the transparent option.

Our Silk closures are available in size 4x4 and instead of lace, you will find a silk padding. It is thicker and more durable than our lace closures and is the most natural looking closure. The downside is that it is thicker, which means it will not lay as flat as the Luxury Lace Closure. Both will give you the perfect look, it is simply a matter of your personal preference! 

All of our closures blend seamlessly with our hair extensions used.

We hope that we have caught your interest and offered help to you with this read. We care about your purchases and know that we have a lot to offer with our products, but it remains paramount that our customers make the most informed decisions regarding their purchases. 

If you have any questions, please do get in contact, as we are always here to help.

With lots of love, the London Virgin Hair team x

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