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Wigs 101 - everything you need to know

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The wig industry has proven to be a great success and in constant demand.  But why do people LOVE wearing wigs so much? We can’t blame them, because we love them too!  What’s the reason for all this wig love, though? Well, we can think of a few reasons for it…

Wigs allow you to try out different looks, styles, and essentially, change things up as and when you feel to.  Although owning wigs is fun and exciting, knowing how to maintain its look is key to wearing a wig that looks and feels its best. 

To make sure that your wig looks as good as it can be, we’re going to give you our top 3 tips for maintaining the perfect wig!  Grab your pens and notebooks, because it’s time to get jotting down points, and giving your wig all the TLC it needs to do what it does best. 


Washing and conditioning your wig:

Having a clean wig is on the top of our list, and rightly so. Just as you wouldn’t leave your own hair unclean for weeks and months, so you should treat your wig also! Especially if you’re applying products to it on a daily basis and wearing it regularly. Wigs can get a bad odour, product build-up, and look worn out overtime, which are all things we want to avoid happening to our beloved wig(s). 

The powerful combo: Shampoo and conditioner: Shampoo cleanses the wig, removing all of the dirt that’s built up overtime, whereas the conditioner softens the wig after the stripping process is done from the cleansing the shampoo carries out (which tends to be an extremely drying process, hence the need for a softening conditioner). 

Washing your wig every 6-8 weeks or after 7-10 wears, would keep you up to date with your hair care routine. However, if you apply a range of products to your wig daily, you will need to wash your wig more frequently in order to remove product build up. Rainy weather often gets in the way of the perfect wig look, so if your wig gets wet or damp from rain, we recommend washing it as it can tamper with the texture and performance of the wig until its next wash.

Humidity may also cause unwanted frizz and tangles, making it fitting to wash on such occasions. Although, as we’re entering the cold season in Britain, we don’t think humidity will be much of a problem for many of us! 

How to wash and condition your wig:  We recommend using warm water to wash your wig. Apply the shampoo into the warm water, as opposed to applying it directly onto the wig. Next, scoop up some of the conditioner and apply it to the middle and end parts of your wig. Avoid putting these products on the root of the wig. 

Drying your wig: Two common ways of drying your wig is through air drying or using a hairdryer. Depending on your timing, you might want to opt for a hairdryer (using a cool setting) if you’re in a rush.


 Sleeping with your wig:

Deciding to sleep with your wig on is a personal choice, and is often done to maintain the look and style of the wig, such as baby hairs that’s recently been laid down. If this is the case, tying the front of your hair with a satin or silk scarf should secure the style, potentially for up to 2 weeks, depending on how firm the glue is placed on your scalp, and how tightly you wear your scarf. 

If tying a scarf on your head isn’t appealing, you could try another popular option that is, sleeping on a silk pillowcaseThe perk with sleeping on such pillows, is that it allows you to sleep freely without anything on your head, while minimising any friction from occurring on the pillow because of how soft it is (perfect for a peaceful sleep!).

For those with curly or long human hair wigs, wig caps are recommended, as these wigs tend to be prone to damage, such as tangles. The wig cap would help to decrease such damage from happening, as it covers the whole of the head, protecting your entire wig in a secure cap.


Having a wig stand: 

Last but not least, having a wig stand is of paramount importance, as it helps to maintain the shape of the wig. Without the use of one, you’re at risk of losing the natural shape of your wig. We cannot stress enough how vital it is to own and use one whenever your wig is not being worn. 

Purchasing a wig stand is often quite easy. Typically you can find them online on stores such as Amazon, or in your local beauty and hair salon. 



And that’s it, ladies and gents; our top tips to securing your perfect wig. If you follow these essential and basic steps, you’ll notice a difference in your wig in no time. 

 Keep up to date with us for next time, as we plan on providing you with more ways to look after your natural hair AND your wig.




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